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In April of 2021, Prophet Liberty was given a dramatic vision of a HUGE Glory Storm covering all of Florida.  
There have been many prophecies and visions since then.  
This Glory Storm will launch a MOVE OF GLORY that will cover the USA
and the nations like nothing we have seen in all history.

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Touching Locally, Reaching Globally
Igniting Kingdom Life!

We are a community of believers, passionate about God's manifest presence.

We feel compelled to take the Gospel of the Kingdom all around the world.
Our purpose is to reach, teach, train, equip, and send.

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We produce weekly messages on media only.

We will have additional SPECIAL "on line" or "in person" services
as listed on our EVENT CALENDAR.

We WEBCAST all sermons “online” Sunday morning at 10am and Wednesday evening at 7pm. 

You can join us on ignitedchurch.com (MEDIA) or Facebook.com/ignitedchurch


You can stay connected with us through our website and facebook. 
If you would like to be on our eBlast for up to date info, write to info@ignitedchurch.com

Contact Info: 

Facebook.com/Ignited Church

Phone: 863-594-1750

Email: info@ignitedchurch.com

Ignited Church

  PO BOX 93099

  Lakeland, FL. 33804-3099

If you need prayer, or have questions, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to call or email the church.
Prayer Requests are printed out for our intercessors.  Prayer@ignitedchurch.com

Don’t forget your giving — ways to give:

Website: Ignitedchurch.com/giving

Mail your check to:  Ignited Church, PO BOX 93099, Lakeland, FL 33804-3099

We love to


We encourage each person to experience God's presence by listening to and participating in worship on-line or other recordings.  His power and His presence removes burdens and transforms lives.  We understand that worship should be a lifestyle, not just an occasional experience.

We love

God's Word

The Word of God inspires us, corrects us, and teaches us in practical Christian living.  It is important to experience the understanding and revelation of God's Word individually and corporately.  When we do, lives are changed.  Signs and wonders follow the preaching of the Word.

We love to

Minister to Others

Each of us are created with unique giftings, motivations, and personalities.  We love to help people discover their destiny and purpose.  We encourage everyone to develop and give of their time, talents, and or resources.

“I’m baptizing you here in the river. The main character in this drama,
to whom I’m a mere stagehand, will ignite the kingdom life, a fire,
the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out.

Luke 3:16  The Message

We'd love to hear from you!

IGNITED Church has offices in Lakeland, Florida.

PO Box 93099,  Lakeland, FL 33804-3099

Phone: 863-594-1750

Email: info@ignitedchurch.com

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