Our Leadership Team

The staff and leadership team here at Ignited Church is comprised of men and women
who love, care and pray for every single person in the church.

  • Stephen Strader - Senior Pastor


         Stephen Strader was born again at the age of 8 and called into the ministry at the age of 12.  He entered the full time ministry at the age of 18.  He married his lovely wife, Janice, in 1977.  Stephen and Janice birthed Ignited Church in 2005 after serving in his father's church, the Carpenter's Home Church, for over 25 years.

         In 2008, Ignited hosted a five day conference.  The meetings extended to 188 days.  It is estimated that over 350,000 different people from over 200 countries attended the meetings, and over 40 million viewers watched on internet and satellite around the world.  Stephen authored the book, THE LAKELAND OUTPOURING, to tell the whole story.  

         Stephen also travels throughout the United States and internationally.  Signs and wonders confirm the Word preached.  

         Stephen and Janice reside in Lakeland FL where they have pastored for over 40 years.  They have four amazing adult children named: Jordan, Marcus, Austin, and Alexis, and five awesome grandkids!

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  • Janice Strader - Pastor & Administrator


         Janice Strader was born again at the age of 10 and felt a call into ministry in her teen years.  She and Stephen were both attending Southeastern University when they met.  They were married in 1977 and went off to Oral Roberts University.

         Janice had a strong interest in business administration beginning in high school.  She has worked in a construction office, a title company, health care office, organized and directed the church nursery for over 100 children and 40 volunteers, and served for several years as the Executive Secretary for the Educational Department of the Carpenter's Home Church -- one of the first mega churches in Florida.

         Janice is truly anointed with a prophetic gifting as well as her administrative gifting.  She is now serving as a Pastor, Administrator, and Corporate Vice President/Secretary of our church from the beginning.  She gives leadership to our intercessors, as well as our Healing Teams, and is a strong "right arm" to her husband.  She has been known to preach too!

         Janice and Stephen have four children and five grandchildren.  She mothers all of them, and all of us!

  • Elsie Tyler - Accounting


         Elsie Tyler is the Bookkeeper and Corporate Treasurer of Ignited Church since 2007.  She is bilingual in Spanish.  She has over 15 years' experience in accounting for non-profits, and over 40 years experience with accounting in multiple areas of business.  She enjoys the challenge of identifying and solving problems, listening to the needs of the people and serving at Ignited Church.

         Since the 1970's she has served in the areas of Choir, Nursery, Bookstore, and Events.

         Elsie and her husband Jonnie are involved in small business and Real Estate.  They enjoy time with their family and eight grandchildren.

  • Brad Ewell - Facilities Manager


         Brad Ewell is the Facilities Manager since 2006.  He has 43 years experience as an Electrician and Instrument Technician in the commercial and industrial fields.  He is responsible for the maintenance and housekeeping of Ignited.

         Brad is a passionate student and teacher of the Word of God.  He has a father's heart for our youth.  He has served our ministry since 1969.  His wife Wanda is a retired School Bus Driver who also attends Ignited.