Ignited Church

is currently ONLY meeting "online"

Look at the Event Calendar

for special "online" and or "in person" events

  • Churches main office 863-594-1750

    Generally, the office is open Monday - Thursday.  We rarely answer the phones Friday - Sunday.  If it is urgent or an emergency, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE and EMAIL.  Often we get the email even faster.  But still do both.  We take most holidays off.  Please check the event calendar and or Facebook for updates on schedules of "online" and or "in person" events.  

  • Email / Facebook

    All of the staff emails are listed on our website page "About Us -- Our Leadership Team". You can always reach any of us using info@ignitedchurch.com.

    We have two Facebook pages.  Ignited Church and our pastors personal Facebook, Stephen.Strader.  (There are many Stephen Strader's on Facebook, so make sure you have the correct one by checking for his picture on "About Us - Our Leadership Team" page.