Prophetic Prayer and Intercession

Our prayer ministry has an incredible heritage that dates back to the mid-sixties!  From that time to the present, we have had a major prayer meeting EVERY WEEK!  We believe it is important to instruct and demonstrate the variety of ways we can "do intercession."  We invite ministers and leaders from other groups and churches and businesses to come for personal prayer over their ministry or vocation.  Even politicians will come for prayer.  We encourage participation and the building of relationships among all of the intercessors.

Legacy of Intercession

Our prayer meetings have over a 50 year history in our legacy as a local church body.  Prayer is the central pillar of our congregation.  We have multiple intercessory leaders, teachers, and opportunities to gather for corporate prayer.  This legacy gives us a special strength in prayer and intercession.

What to Expect

Each prayer meeting has a "flavor" - "style" - based on the Spirit-led purpose for that gathering.  We select one or two lead intercessors for the gathering.  We will often have a time of personal preparation and worship.  Some type of instruction, training, or exhortation will be given.  We feel it's important to "flow" with the Holy Spirit, often moving prophetically into "what God is saying" or desiring for us to "emphasize" in our prayer time.  We encourage participation.  We desire to see a variety of styles and methods of intercession to be accomplished.  We will also schedule intercession training sessions throughout the year.


Time:  Tuesday 10a - noon

Location:  Casa Adoracion Y Gloria, 2445 US HWY 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33805


Email Prayer Requests:   It will be printed out for the intercessors.